Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Saori Ishioka vs WINDY Tomomi

Here is the match video of Saori Ishioka vs WINDY Tomomi from Sunday's PANCRASE show. Of course this is WINDY's retirement match. I would give WINDY a slight edge in round one. Of of Ishioka's problems in her career has been lack of aggressiveness. And WINDY just lands a few more punches. They went to the ground but Ishioka pulled WINDY into guard and nothing much happened. The ref should have stood them up sooner. What was he waiting for? I assume that between rounds, Ishioka's corner told her to snap out of it and take control of the fight. And she did exactly that. She took WINDY down and quickly submitted her with an armbar. It's almost like Ishioka was a different fighter in round two. Her timidity is her biggest problem and she needs to get over that to be a better fighter. Unfortunately, WINDY's retirement ceremony is not included in this video. That's very disappointing as I always enjoy them and I know fans enjoy them too. My guess is they had to cut the show to fit a time slot. BOO! Enjoy the video.

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