Sunday, March 04, 2012

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Sarah Kaufman vs Alexis Davis

Here is the match video for Sarah Kaufman vs Alexis Davis from last night's Strikeforce show. It wasn't working earlier but I contacted the guy who posted it and he fixed it. Already some are overpraising this as some sort of match of the year. Take it easy, people. It's only March. It's good but not that good. A lot of the idiots saying this are annoyed with Ronda Rousey and think Sarah got a raw deal. So let's overpraise it because we feel sorry for Sarah. Ugh! As regular readers know I get very annoyed with fighters who sabotage themselves with poor strategy. And that's what Alexis Davis did. I do not understand why a wrestler like Alexis would try to trade punches with a precision puncher like Sarah. I can understand why she did that in round one because of Sarah's takedown defense. But she waited until halfway through round three to take Sarah down to the mat and it was just too late. If she had tried that in round two, Alexis could have won the match. Instead Sarah won by majority decision because one of the judges scored round two a 10-10 tie and therefore 29-29. The other two judges scored it 29-28 Sarah and that's the correct score. Some might argue that Alexis won round three 10-8 but she waited too long and Sarah minimized things and didn't allow Alexis to do what she needed to do which was finish the fight. I thought the action was good but I think Alexis beat herself and when she watches the video, she will realize that. It's a missed opportunity. And I didn't see anything from Sarah that makes me think she can beat Ronda Rousey. Enjoy the video!

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