Friday, June 22, 2012

Will Taeler Hendrix win a TNA contract?

On last night's Impact, TNA presented their first female Gut Check contestant. Her name is Taeler Hendrix. Since a lot of you were probably watching the NBA finals, here's the match video. TNA is trying to present Gut Check as real though if you watched the first two, it's pretty obvious that it's a worked shoot. The first one in particular did not go as planned when Ric Flair strayed from the script. So they ended up saying yes to a guy they didn't really want because he lives in Canada. So they put Taeler Hendrix in a match with Tara. When I found out yesterday that Taeler would be on Impact, I watched a couple of her matches on Youtube. Taeler is from the Boston area and has been a pro wrestler since 2008. It looks like she started out as a valet. She has worked at OVW since last fall. OVW has a working agreement with TNA run by Al Snow. Taeler is attractive but the WWE would tell her to get a tan. It looks like she has already had a boob job. What I find with indie wrestlers like Taeler who have been around for a while is they have some wrestling ability but they have reached a plateau and are unable to get to a higher skill level. And I think that's true of Taeler. She has some skills but is lacking in some areas. Lately in OVW she has been a heel and they may be hiding her lack of skill. She's not a high flyer which is fine but she needs to improve her basics. In this match, she's clearly a babyface and Tara is the mean old veteran. One specific thing I noticed about Taeler is she can't throw a punch. That's a basic she needs to learn properly. She's OK but if I was a judge, she wouldn't get the job. She needs to improve. Maybe she needs to go to TAZZ' finishing school. Because she has some ability but she needs to step it up. I don't know what the judges will say. One rumour I heard is Tara will be a guest judge. But will she be in character because the real Lisa Marie Varon is one of the nicest people ever and a notorious softie. Maybe the storyline is to hire her but have Tara train her. I understand training wrestlers is something Lisa is planning to do. Check out the match and judge for yourself.

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  1. Wasn't impressed by the lack of skill on the basics either Frank. She came down with two straight legs to a basic suplex rather than landing bent legged and on the bottom of her feet. I would say no, then again I would of said no to them all so far