Monday, June 04, 2012

Ai Takahashi to face MIZUKI in S-Girls Cup 53.5 tournament final

Ai Takahashi hammers Rio Kamikaze
SHOOT BOXING continued the road the the S-Girls Cup at yesterday's Korakuen Hall show. This year they are doing an S-Girls Cup 53.5 tournament that is separate from the main S-Girls Cup which will be for 48kg fighters. So in April, MIZUKI won her fight and will face the winner of Ai Takahashi vs Rio Kamikaze that was on yesterday's show. Takahashi is a SB veteran and the current women's champ. MIZUKI beat her in a non title match in February. When SB announced Kamikaze as her opponent, they emphasized that she is a college student and she does modeling. They never mentioned her kickboxing record. That's because she's winless. I am told her record is 0-3-2. So SB owner Takeshi Caesar wanted fans to know that she's cute but not that she's winless. Oy! Except for the start, the fight went pretty much as expected. Right at the beginning of round one, Takahashi went down after a kick. Apparently there was some doubt as to whether it was a knockdown or a slip. Whatever it was, it seemed to piss Takahashi off because she dominated the rest of the fight and won by unanimous decision. This included a second round standing guillotine choke that earned her an extra point. So Rio Kamikaze can go back to her modeling career. I would like to see this tournament final turned into a title match. MIZUKI has already beaten Takahashi once and if she wins the tournament final, that will be two wins over the champ and no belt. That's ridiculous. Welcome to the goofy world of SHOOT BOXING. They also ran two matches in the JKS48 tournament intended as a coronation of RENA's sister MIO as queen of the schoolgirl fighters. Caesar announced six girls in April and did two of the matches then. He said he didn't know if he would be able to find two more girls to fight on yesterday's show. But he added them on Friday. A girl named Yusa won over MARI by unanimous decision. And Shuru eneos won over (unknown) by majority decision. One of the judges scored it a draw. So that tournament is set for August.

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