Saturday, June 02, 2012

Erika Kamimura wins over Ham Seo Hee in RISE

Erika Kamimura lands a high kick
The RISE kickboxing company held a show today at TDC Hall. The feature attraction had schoolgirl kickboxer Erika Kamimura facing Korean veteran Ham Seo Hee. Erika won over Ham last August in the final of the SHOOT BOXING S-Girls Cup. But this was straight kickboxing so it's a little bit different. The winner of this match will get a shot at RENA's RISE QUEEN Championship when she returns from her broken foot probably in 2013. Though Ham landed the occasional blow, Kamimura was more effective and landed more frequently. Her kicks were particularly effective. She wasn't able to knock Ham out but there was never any doubt about who won. Erika Kamimura wins by unanimous decision. So now Erika will get that title shot.