Monday, June 04, 2012

DDT Pro Wrestling starts a joshi puroresu division

Nozomi Dai
DDT Pro Wrestling has been around for 15 years doing what can best be described as a parody of American pro wrestling. They do a lot of comedy. To date, they have had little or no joshi puroresu content. Their subsidiary company Union. employs one joshi wrestler named Cherry. Today DDT owner Sanshiro Takagi held a press conference to announce the establishment of Tokyo Women's Wrestling. He also announced that former NEO president Tetsuya Koda will run the company. You may recall that recently Koda was running Ice Ribbon. But he left last week and said he only committed to Ice Ribbon for six months. Now we know why he left. I know what you're asking. When are they going to run the first Tokyo Women's Wrestling show? The answer is it's not a full fledged company with it's own schedule. It's a division of DDT and for now, they will run joshi matches on DDT and Union shows. I assume that eventually they might want to split it off when they have a large enough roster. They have hired one wrestler. Her name is Nozomi Dai. Remember her? Neither do I. I remembered her name but I don't remember anything about her. She worked for NEO briefly in 2008 and quit in May 2009. There's a clipped video on Daily Motion of what I think was her final match vs Ayumi Kurihara in May 2009. The first Tokyo Women's Wrestling match will be on the June 17 Union show at Kitazawa Town Hall. It will be NOZOMI vs Kagetsu of Sendai Girls. NOZOMI is 22 years old. But if they are planning to make her their ace, they've got a long way to go. She hasn't wrestled in three years and only had less than a year of experience. Doesn't seem like an ace to me. But Tokyo Women'e Wrestling doesn't seem like a real joshi company either.

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