Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kikuyo Ishikawa off July 28 Invicta show

Invicta FC announced today that Japanese fighter Kikuyo Ishikawa is off their July 28 show in Kansas City. It appears the promotion announced her participation prematurely and never had her under contract. I guess they had a verbal agreement but you can't announce a fight based on a verbal agreement. Sometimes things fall through. And when they announced the whole show in one fell swoop, I warned you they announced it too far in advance and you could expect plenty of changes. If they didn't have some fighters signed, they could have announced some of the matches later. Training injuries are one thing but this comes across as bush league. They have announced that Angelica Chavez' opponent will be veteran fighter Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc. Nicdali's record is 7-6 and on the last Invicta show she lost to Amy Davis by submission and then proceeded to announce her retirement. Her best friend Miesha Tate talked her out of it. I remember watching that fight and after seeing Nicdali's facial expression after she lost, I was not surprised that she announced her retirement. And I wasn't surprised when she was talked out of it. She's currently on a two fight losing streak but I believe Nicdali hasn't been the same fighter since she was zonked by MIKU in Japan in 2009. That happens to fighters sometimes but many don't look at themselves objectively. That was a bad loss. This could be a must win fight for Nicdali or we may see the same facial expression afterwards.

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