Sunday, November 18, 2018

Big Bad Blog video Theater-Cynthia Calvillo vs Poliana Botelho

Here's the match video of Cynthia Calvillo vs Poliana Botelho from last night's UFC show in Argentina. Cynthia is returning from a drug suspension. She tested positive for weed. In 2018 no one should be suspended for testing positive for weed. Hell, it's now legal here in Canada. No, I don't smoke that stuff or anything else. Then she missed weight. Cynthia explained that she was having her period and the weight just wouldn't come off. And the last time we saw her, Cynthia looked awful losing to Carla Esparza, a fighter she should have beaten. So it's not surprising that Poliana was favored as she has looked good in the UFC. Poliana is a striker so Cynthia needed to take her down to beat her. And that's what she did. She won with a first round rear naked choke. I don't know what was wrong with Cynthia when she lost to Carla. But this was the Cynthia we saw before that. And that's what I needed to see from her. Hopefully she's back on track and heading to an eventual Strawweight title shot. Enjoy the video!

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