Friday, June 30, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Nikki Cross

Here's the match video of Asuka vs Nikki Cross from this week's episode of NXT. I am posting all of Asuka's matches for fans who don't have the WWE Network. This match was set up by the backstage brawl a couple of weeks ago. After that, it was decided that a Last Woman Standing match would be for the NXT Women's Championship. The match continues until one is incapacitated for a ten count. Of course neither Asuka or Nikki had ever done this kind of match. But they hadn't done a backstage brawl either. I expected this to be very entertaining. The storyline is Nikki is insane and therefore dangerous. Her fatal flaw is she underestimates Asuka's resolve and determination to keep her title. The match begins very slowly. But that's how big matches are done in Japan. It builds anticipation. Then they get going. One highlight has Asuka bringing out a garbage can, placing it on Nikki and kicking it. Her "Watch this" smile to the crowd as she brings the garbage can into the ring is priceless. As Asuka continues to kick the crap out of Nikki, all Nikki does is laugh like she's enjoying it. That would probably unnerve most opponents but not Asuka. On a couple of occasions, it looks like Asuka is finished. This is especially true of a spot where Nikki powerbombs Asuka on the floor on a bunch of chairs. Asuka hit the back of her head on the metal ramp. She could have been knocked unconscious. After ref Drake Wuertz checked on Asuka, he started counting. When she got up at nine, Nikki went nuts. They brawl up the ramp and end up near the announce desk. Another neckbreaker puts Asuka down for nine. While they are down, Nikki says something to Asuka, probably "this is the finish". Nikki hits Asuka with a ladder. Then she grabs a table and puts it next to the announce table where it is well lit. She puts Asuka on the table and the goes up the ladder. The plan is to put Asuka through the table. But Asuka gets off the table, says "No no no no no" and climbs up the other side of the ladder. Asuka checks to make sure they are in position and then hits a superplex through the announce table. Wuertz counts both of them but Asuka gets up at nine. It's over. Of course Asuka celebrates. Nikki is on her back laughing. When Asuka gets to the platform, she smiles at Nikki as if to say "We did it, girl. We killed it". They sure did. That may be the match of the year. I credit both of them. I have been watching Asuka for years. I know what she can do. I was not surprised she outdid herself. But Nikki really proved herself with this match. The question is are they going to continue this feud or does Ember Moon get another chance. I would continue this feud. More can be gotten from it. I would like to see if they can top this. Enjoy the match. It is a must see.
NXT Women's Championship: Asuka © vs. Nikki Cross by therackattackvideos

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