Thursday, June 22, 2017

Io Shirai having neck problems, not coming to the WWE yet

Io Shirai held a press conference today. It was expected that she would announce that she was leaving STARDOM and coming to the WWE. Yesterday she dropped the World of STARDOM Championship to Mayu Iwatani. Instead she announced that she is having neck problems and numbness in her arm. She thinks the injury occurred when she took a piledriver during a recent match with Toni Storm. Considering her wrestling style, I'm surprised Io hasn't been seriously injured before. She did take some time off last year to have bone fragments removed from her butt. That's what happens when you take a lot of bumps. But this could be more serious. And she must get it resolved because she won't pass the WWE physical until it is resolved. Obviously this will depend on if she needs spinal fusion surgery. If she does, Io will be out indefinitely and she may not come to the WWE at all. Or she may be forced to retire. The match against Toni Storm was on May 14. I have posted the video so you can see for yourself. If you aren't familiar with Toni, she was born in New Zealand, lives in England and she will be in the WWE tournament. She has been working for STARDOM for the last few months. She's pretty good for a 21 year old. The match was a 30 minute draw. The video is edited. The piledriver is about 14 minutes into the video. Io says she knew she was in trouble immediately. She couldn't move. The ref rolled her out of the ring and kept Toni back. Io is such a good seller, it was impossible for Toni to know there was something wrong. The ref was going to count Io out so he could stop the match. But she got back in the ring though you can see that she can't move her left arm. The ref is still trying to stop the match because he knows this is serious. The trouper that she is, Io finishes the match. She says she will undergo medical testing in July including an MRI. There's no timetable for her return until the results are known. She will be out up to a year if she needs surgery. Io says she was healthy before this match so that's when she got hurt. Io was not going to be in the WWE tournament anyway because like Kairi Hojo, she was going to do a farewell tour. And she's released her autobiography. I have posted the cover above. Hopefully this turns out to not be serious. But I don't like the looks of it. I will let you all know when I know. Be sure to check out the video.

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