Saturday, June 10, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Ham Seo Hee vs Mina Kurobe

Here's the match video of Ham Seo Hee vs Mina Kurobe from today's ROAD FC show in Korea. This was the main event of the show for the ROAD FC Atomweight Championship. Several fans have asked me why the UFC released Ham. The correct answer is they didn't release her. Her contract ended and she knew she wasn't a title contender. Part of the problem is she isn't a Strawweight. She's an Atomweight. Real success in the UFC wasn't going to happen for her. She knew that when she signed with the UFC. Her plan was to make some money and then retire. Ham has talked about retirement for years. She's only 30 years old but she's been around for over a decade. She could have gone to Invicta. But I think signing with ROAD FC is a smart move. She'll make more money there than in the UFC. And she can fight as an Atomweight. Mina Kurobe is a decent fighter and the current DEEP JEWELS Atomweight Champion. The big problem with Mina is she's 40 years old. Her success says more about the lack of talent in DEEP JEWELS than anything else. I expected Ham to win. In round one, Ham did what she is good at which is kickboxing. Mina's strategy was to get a takedown. But it didn't really work and by the end of round one, Mina was out of gas. Mina kept trying because she doesn't have the striking to compete with Ham. Ham defended well and she got some submission attempts from the bottom. The only thing that changed in round three was Ham got top position and she pounded Mina long enough to get a TKO with a minute left. Ham Seo Hee is the new ROAD FC Atomweight. So already fans are asking me if Ham will be in the RIZIN Atomweight tournament. Those guys were there. I can't answer that. I guess that depends on what RIZIN wants that tournament to be. Do they want it to be competitive? Or do they just want to crown RENA as queen? I'm not sure they can have both. While you mull that over, enjoy the video.

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