Sunday, June 04, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Viviane Pereira vs Jamie Moyle

Here's the match video of Viviane Pereira vs Jamie Moyle from last night's UFC show in Brazil. this aired on UFC Fight Pass. Jamie is a favourite from her Invicta days. She was a disappointment on TUF 23 but she won her UFC debut over Kailin Curran. I think she has wrestling talent but she isn't much on her feet. And she lacks consistency. I'm sure John Wood of Syndicate MMA in Las Vegas is working on that. Viviane is 23 years old from Fortaleza, Brazil. She won her UFC debut over Valerie Letourneau but neither fighter looked very good. Viviane is mainly a striker. Round one was close. I don't think either of them did all that much. But I scored it 10-9 for Viviane because her goal was to keep the fight standing. Viviane looked better in round two and she won the round easily. And Jamie didn't try for any takedowns. The same thing happened in round three. And that's why Viviane won by unanimous decision. She did what she wanted to do and Jamie didn't do much of anything. Enjoy the video!

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