Saturday, June 17, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Holly Holm vs Bethe Correia

Here's the match video of Holly Holm vs Bethe Correia from this morning's UFC show in Singapore. This aired on The Fight Network in Canada and UFC Fight Pass everywhere. I'm sure you know by now that Holly won with a highlight reel head kick in round three. Of course the usual idiots overreact to this like Holly is suddenly a great fighter. What these idiots forget is up until that point the fight was terrible. It was the snoozefest I was expecting. Both fighters did nothing for the first two rounds. I scored both rounds 9-9. The crowd was booing and it was so bad that ref Marc Goddard stopped the fight in the second round and told them to stop screwing around. This is something more refs need to do but very few will. And the ironic thing is that Bethe taunted Holly and she was out moments after. So what took Holly so long? Believe it or not, patience is her strategy in all her fights. The problem is that doesn't work most of the time. That's why Holly lost to Valentina Shevchenko and Germaine De Randamie. She waited and waited and waited. And after she lost those fights she gave woulda coulda shoulda excuses. The solution is she needs to be more aggressive from the very start. I don't know if she can do that. Rin Nakai has had the same problem for years and she can't fix it. Sometimes fighters get set in their ways and can't change. Remember this is not a physical problem. It's a mental problem. Maybe she should see a sports psychologist. She has to change. Her manager Lenny Fresquez said he wants Holly to get a title shot either Featherweight or Bantamweight. How do you think patience will work against Cris Cyborg or Amanda Nunes? Enjoy the video!

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