Saturday, July 01, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Del Fuegos

Artist:The Del Fuegos
Song:I Still Want You
Album:The Best of The Del Fuegos: The Slash Years

The Del Fuegos had modest success in the 80s. But they were looking for more and when it didn't happen, they split up. The Del Fuegos were formed in Boston in 1980 by lead singer, guitarist and main songwriter Dan Zanes and his guitarist brother Warren Zanes. Their relationship has been described as fractious. Other members were Tom Lloyd on bass and Steve Morrell on drums. The Del Fuegos played locally in Boston. They were about to record for a local label when Slash Records and producer Mitchell Froom stepped in and signed them. Slash started out as a punk label but they transitioned to roots music in the 80s after Warner Bros. began distributing them. Los Lobos was probably the best known band on Slash. Froom was a keyboard player for Montrose. He became a successful producer in the 80s with Los Lobos among others. By this time Morrell was replaced by Woody Giessmann. Their first couple of albums did OK. They got some radio airplay and MTV play. Also, Tom Petty was a big fan and they toured with him. I Still Want You is from the 1985 album Boston Mass. They just weren't able to get that big hit single. They went for a more commercial sound with the 1987 album Stand Up. The album was panned and after it didn't sell, Warren Zanes and Giessmann left and Slash dropped them. Dan Zanes and Lloyd brought in replacements and recorded the 1989 album Smoking In The Fields for RCA. That went nowhere and The Del Fuegos split up after that. This comp is available as a digital download. Dan Zanes is the only member who stayed in the music business. He is very successful recording children's music as Dan Zanes and Friends. Warren Zanes is Vice President of Education at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. The Del Fuegos reformed in 2011 to tour and they released an EP. This was to benefit Woody Giessmann's drug addiction rehab program Right Turn. Here's the video for I Still Want You by The Del Fuegos.

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