Wednesday, June 14, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Dories

Artist:The Dories
Song:I Loved Him So
Album:Love Charms: West Coast Hits and Rarities from California Girls and Groups 1957-1962

Here's a one off doo wop single from a group that seemed to change their name like the rest of us change our socks. They are best known as the Safaris. They had a top ten hit in 1960 with Image Of A Girl. But when they formed in 1959 at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, they called themselves The Mystics. There was already a group called The Mystics so they changed it to The Enchanters. The lead singer was Sandy Wiseman and the other members were Marv Rosenberg and Richard Clasky. After one single, Sheldon Briar joined and The Enchanters became The Dories. I Loved Him So was their only single and then Sandy quit to get married. Clasky wrote the song and it's a pretty good doo wop song. You can get it on this various artists budget comp from Jasmine. Jim Stephens replaced Sandy and they changed their name to The Angels. They met trumpeter Herb Alpert and his pal Lou Adler. They were starting a new label and Rosenberg wrote Image Of A Girl after his girlfriend threatened to leave him if he didn't quit music. Alpert didn't like the song and instead had The Angels record A Lover's Poem (To Her) backed by Darlene Love's group The Blossoms. When that went nowhere, The Angels signed with Eldo Records and changed their name to The Safaris. Image Of A Girl became a top ten hit in 1960. When their second single stiffed, the members of The Safaris all quit and went back to school. Stephens joined a folk music group. The other members returned as the Suddens in 1961. After two singles, they all left the music business. Clasky owns a market research firm in Vancouver. Rosenberg has a Ph.D in psychology and Stephens is a sales manager at a bottled water company. Here's a video for I Loved Him So by The Dories. Thanks to Jay Warner's great book American Singing Groups: A History from 1940s to Today for the tangled history of The Dories.

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