Wednesday, June 21, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Natalie

Song:Goin' Crazy

Natalie Alvarado scored a top 20 hit with Goin' Crazy in 2005. When follow up singles and her second album stiffed, she returned to dancing and choreography which is what she was doing in the first place. She was born Sept. 2, 1979 in Clear Lake City, TX which is a suburb of Houston. Natalie studied criminal justice in college. She answered an ad for Houston Rockets cheerleader auditions. She got the job. To make extra money, she started doing choreography in videos for local rap artists. She also started rapping and singing mainly to add to her dancing. Latium Entertainment owner Charles Chavez thought Natalie had potential. Obviously her looks were part of the deal. He decided to turn her into a singer. Chavez is the man behind Chamillionaire and Baby Bash. He had a distribution deal with Universal. Nathan "Happy" Perez produced most of Natalie's 2005 debut CD. She co-wrote all of the songs. Perez had already worked with Chamillionaire and Baby Bash. Goin' Crazy reached #13 on the Billboard Hot 100. Perez didn't produce that song. It was written and produced by local Houston guys Eddie Guardian and D. Botts. Natalie made some guest appearances on recordings by Chavez' other artists. A second album Everything New was released in 2006. She worked with some of the same producers. But a lot of the songs were produced by the duo of Play-N-Skillz. They are brothers Juan & Oscar Salinas. Unfortunately for Natalie, there were no hit singles and the album didn't sell. After that, Natalie returned to the Houston Rockets and she runs the Houston Rockets Power Dancers. Here's the video for Goin' Crazy by Natalie.

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