Friday, June 16, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Nikki Cross vs Ruby Riot elimination match

Here's the match video of Asuka vs Nikki Cross vs Ruby Riot from this week's episode of NXT. I am posting videos of Asuka's matches for those who don't get the WWE Network. This is a rematch from NXT Takeover Chicago except it's an elimination match. The match itself is nothing special. It's very similar to the Chicago match with the usual stuff you see in three way matches. But the post match brawl is worth seeing. Nikki eliminates Ruby with a top rope spinning neckbreaker. After a break, Nikki makes the mistake of underestimating Asuka. Asuka is not insane like Nikki but she is crazy. So they wind up on the floor and Asuka hits a butt bump from the apron. They go brawling to the back. The ref calls the match a No Contest. The problem was Tom Phillips announced that there was no DQ or countout. And as we would soon see, it wasn't necessary anyway. The crowd booed the ref but it wasn't his fault. Someone backstage had a brain fart and told him in his earpiece to do that. We go briefly to the announce desk because they have to make it look like there are no cameras in the back. We finally see Asuka and Nikki on the loading dock beating the crap out of each other. The highlight had Asuka bouncing Nikki's head off the loading dock door several times. They go into the catering area. I was hoping for a food fight. But instead they open a cooler and Nikki tries to drown Asuka. They go back to the arena and they end up on a tech table. You'll notice someone working on the same table a few feet away. They fall off the table through another table and both of them are out. That's the end. The only problem is another angle was shown and they only fell three feet. Except for that, I thought the brawl was well planned. Everything has to be blocked out in advance so the cameras are in place. And I doubt that either Asuka or Nikki had ever done a backstage brawl. You won't know it. They both were great. These kind of brawls can be hit or miss. This one was pretty good. Today a Last Woman Standing match for the NXT Women's Championship was announced for June 28. It will be taped next week. It should be interesting to see what crazy stuff they will do. BTW, both are fine. So they not only executed the brawl properly but neither got injured. Check out the match for yourself.
NXT Women's Championship: Asuka © vs... by therackattackvideos

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