Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pro wrestler Yoshiko to make MMA debut on Feb. 11 Road FC show

Road FC announced yesterday that pro wrestler Yoshiko will make her MMA debut on Road's Feb. 11 show at Chang Chun Gynasium in Seoul, Korea. Her opponent will be Chun Sun-Yoo. This will be at Open Weight. Most joshi puroresu fans are familiar with Yoshiko from her days in STARDOM and the infamous match where she seriously injured Act Yasukawa. Yasukawa was forced to retire and STARDOM fired Yoshiko and her trainer Nanae Takahashi. Of course as we all know Takahashi has started her own company SEAdLINNNG and not surprisingly, Yoshiko has returned to pro wrestling at SEAdLINNNG. I have never written about SEAdLINNNG or Yoshiko because I don't think she deserves to be a pro wrestler. Takahashi is equally responsible as Yoshiko's enabler. I am only writing about this because MMA fans asked me about Yoshiko. So why is she doing MMA? This looks to be Takahashi's idea. Takahashi has been dabbling in martial arts including the hybrid company SEI*ZA. So I am unsure if Yoshiko is just doing this to please her boss. I understand that Yoshiko is training at U-File. The big problem with Yoshiko as a fighter is the same problem she has as a wrestler. She's not an athlete. She's been a pro wrestler since 2001 and the only thing she's really good at is exhibiting heel behaviour. Her ring skills are mediocre at best. Also, she normally weighs 175lb. and I think she would have to lose some weight to get into good enough shape to last three rounds. As she looks now, I could see her running out of gas very quickly. She has a big size advantage over Chun. First, I love her nickname Zombie Girl. Her record is 0-1 and she lost to Ramona Pascual by first round TKO at the Nov. 19 IMPI FC show in China. This fight was at 135lb. I guess I could see Yoshiko sitting on her for three rounds. When told about Yoshiko beating of Yasukawa, Chun said that she hits back. Yoshiko has said nothing so I have no idea why she is trying MMA except possibly to please Takahashi. I don't see this match as being watchable.

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