Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PANCRASE getting into the joshi puroresu business

In an interview with Tokyo Sports, PANCRASE owner Masakazu Sakai announced plans to get into the joshi puroresu business. No, not women's MMA, women's pro wrestling. The new company will be called Pancrase Girls. In the past, Sakai owned the pro wrestling companies Hustle, Smash and The Tenyru Project. And Smash was also supposed to be an MMA company as well but it never got off the ground. He says he has already held auditions and there will be several teams of six girls. The girls he has chosen are currently training. Apparently MMA fighter Rin Nakai will be a participant. The first thing he will do to promote this is post a video on Youtube with a girl labeled Pancrase Girl No. 1. Her face will be hidden. When the video reaches 100,000 views, her identity will be revealed. He says he is using the success of DDT's model turned wrestler Saki Akai as the inspiration for Pancrase Girls. There will be a grand prize sponsored by Tokyo Sports. Well, joshi puroresu can always use new money and certainly Sakai has plenty of money. But as STARDOM has shown, the company will need veteran wrestlers to anchor the company because a company of all greenhorns won't work. Also, it was recently announced that Differ Ariake will close in 2018. Sakai says he has been looking for a new location and he will reveal the new home of PANCRASE at the Feb. 5 show.

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