Thursday, January 05, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Peter McCann

Artist:Peter McCann
Song:Do You Wanna Make Love
Album:Super Hits of the '70s: Have A Nice Day Vol. 20

As a recording artist, Peter McCann scored his only hit single with the 1977 top five hit Do You Wanna Make Love. But he's been very successful as a songwriter especially in Nashville. He was born Mar. 6, 1948 Bridgeport, CT. He attended a small college in Fairfield, CT on a glee club scholarship. Then he was in the band Repairs. They recorded a couple of albums for Motown in the early 70s produced by Rolling Stones producer Andrew "Loog" Oldham. McCann left the band after they moved to Los Angeles to concentrate on songwriting. He became a staff songwriter for ABC/Dunhill Records. There he worked with producer Hal Yoergler who produced the music for the kids TV show The Bugaloos. McCann wrote Do you Wanna Make Love and recorded a demo. Yoergler liked it so much, it was released as a single and it reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Then McCann recorded an album for 20th Century. On the B side was The Right Time Of The Night which became a big hit for Jennifer Warnes. That is McCann's biggest hit. That record still generates a lot of money. McCann recorded an album for Columbia in 1979. Then he moved to Nashville. Several of his songs have charted including the #1 country hit Nobody Falls Like A Fool by Earl Thomas Conley in 1985. You can get Do You Wanna Make Love on this Rhino various artists comp. These days McCann does Nashville songwriting seminars and he has occasionally recorded. But I'm sure those royalty cheques still come in the mail. Here's Peter McCann performing Do You Wanna Make Love 1977.


  1. I remember hearing his song many times during the 70's on the FM radio stations. I did not know about his involvement in the show the Bugaloos. I loved that show as a child and had a crush on Joy! Good Bio Frank. Thanks.

  2. McCann was not involved with The Bugaloos. His producer produced the music.

    1. Thanks Frank, my mistake. Still, I liked that bit of information and nostalgia. I liked the blog this week your in good form sir. Yours Defshepard.