Thursday, January 19, 2017

Four fights added to Feb. 25 DEEP JEWELS show

Shizuka Sugiyama, Yukari Nabe
DEEP JEWELS has added four more fights to the Feb. 25 Shinjuku FACE show. In a Flyweight match, Shizuka Sugiyama will face Yukari Nabe. Sugiyama is 13-4 and she trains at Zendokai in Yokohama. This will be her first fight in over two years. When she started her MMA career in 2008, she won her first five fights in a row. But when she started to lose, she lost confidence and she moved to Australia for a while. She's had mixed results since her return and she may have been inactive by choice. Her career has been a disappointment. Nabe is from Toyama, she trains at Paraestra Kashiwa. She made Her MMA debut on Aug. with a win over Nao Date. This fight should give us a better idea of her potential. In an Atomweight fight, high school student Kanna Asakura will face Natsuki Shimomakise. Asakura is 5-2 and she lost to Alyssa Garcia on the RIZIN NYE show. Natsuki is 0-2 and she also has an 0-2 amateur record. Her last fight was an amateur fight in Shooto in Nov. In an Atomweight bout, the veteran Emi Tomimatsu will face KAI. Emi should win this fight as KAI is 3-1 against lesser opponents. Emi runs into problems when she faces a higher level of competition. And in a Flyweight bout, Emiko Raika will face Komachi. Raika is a retired boxing champ who is 3-4 in MMA. She won her DEEP JEWELS debut over Jin Hee Gan in Nov. Komachi is a karate champ making her MMA debut. So obviously they are selling this fight as boxing vs karate.

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