Thursday, January 19, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Great White

Artist:Great White
Song:Once Bitten Twice Shy
Album:Absolute Hits

The hard rock group Great White scored their biggest chart hit with the 1989 single Once Bitten Twice Shy. They were very successful as an album and concert draw. Unfortunately, their success is overshadowed by the tragic 2003 fire in Rhode Island that killed a hundred people. Great White are from Los Angeles. Singer Jack Russell and guitarist Mark Kendall met in 1977. They formed a band that ended in 1979 when Russell was sentenced to eight years in prison for a botched robbery. Kendall formed a new band Dante Fox but when the singer left, he discovered that Russell was released from prison. They hired manager Alan Niven who had success with Motley Crue. He suggested the name Great White because of Kendall's very light blonde hair. The band was Russell, Kendall, bassist Lorne Black and drummer Gary Holland. They released an EP and played local clubs. They signed with Capitol and their debut album was released in 1984. Holland was replaced by Audie Desbrow and keyboard player Michael Lardie joined for the 1986 album Shot In The Dark. By the time Once Bitten is released in 1987, Great White has built enough of a following through constant touring that the album was certified Platinum. Black was replaced by Tony Cardenas AKA Tony Montana. The 1989 album Twice Shy was an even bigger hit. It was certified 2XPlatinum. Once Bitten Twice Shy reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. And now they are headlining shows for the first time. Though Russell and Kendall usually wrote all of Great White's songs, Once Bitten Twice Shy was written and first recorded by Mott The Hoople leader Ian Hunter in 1975. Then Great White started to fade and after two more albums, they left Capitol. This budget comp covers their Capitol hits. After three albums on three different labels, Kendall left Great White in 2000. Russell attempted to keep the band going and they were going to record for Columbia. But it was scrapped and Russell announced the end of Great White in Dec. 2001. Russell and Kendall recorded solo. But when that went nowhere, Russell revived Great White as Jack Russell's Great White. It was during this tour that the fire happened on Feb. 20, 2003 at The Station in Warwick, RI. Pyrotechnics caused the fire. One hundred people died including Great White guitarist Ty Longley. After that the band played concerts to benefit the victims families. Russell went into rehab for alcohol and cocaine. And he also had a facelift that was chronicled on Extra. Great White reformed in 2006 and there are now two bands. Great White is led by Mark Kendall and there is Jack Russell's Great White. Both are currently touring and Great White plans to record. Russell has released a few singles. Here's the video for Once Bitten Twice Shy by Great White.

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