Sunday, January 15, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-When In Rome

Artist:When In Rome
Song:The Promise
Album:Super Hits of the '80s Into the '90s

The 1988 hit single The Promise is one of those songs that fans remember hearing but they don't remember anything else about it. The song is perceived as a one hit wonder but one other song charted. When In Rome is a one album wonder. They are from Manchester, England. When his band Beau Leisure split up, Clive Farrington wanted to form a new band. He was writing songs with poet Andrew Mann but they needed a lyricist so Farrington recruited Michael Nutall and renamed him Michael Floreale after a box of chocolates he saw at his mom's house. They recorded some demos and When In Rome signed with the Virgin Records label 10 Records. Producer Ben Rogan (Everything But The Girl, Sade) was interested in The Promise. It was released as a 12" dance single. After it topped the Billboard Dance chart and it reached #11 on the Billboard Hot 100, Virgin ordered an album. Unfortunately, the album didn't do well. And then Farrington and Floreale weren't getting along and When In Rome split up. You can get The Promise on this 2CD budget comp. Floreale moved to Dallas. When The Promise was used in the popular film Napoleon Dynamite, he reformed When In Rome and they tour the nostalgia circuit. He also copyrighted the name When In Rome so Farrington and Mann can't use it. They are currently battling in court over the name. Here's the video for The Promise by When In Rome.

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