Monday, January 16, 2017

King Reina vs Shayna Baszler added to Feb. 25 DEEP JEWELS show

King Reina, Shayna Baszler
Today DEEP JEWELS added a final match to their Feb 25 Shinjuku FACE show. They have this fighter King Reina who is listed at 70kg. They announced a while back that she would be on this show but they really don't have anyone on Japan who can face her. She's too big. Fortunately, veteran fighter turned pro wrestler Shayna Baszler is currently on tour in Japan for STARDOM. In fact, she will challenge Io Shirai for the World Of STARDOM Championship on an upcoming show. Since she's in the neighbourhood, Shayna has agreed to face King Reina in what I assume is an Open Weight fight. Shayna hasn't fought since she left the UFC. She's a full time pro wrestler now. And of course Reina is much bigger than Shayna. So I don't expect any surprises. Reina is supposed to win and that's what I expect.

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