Friday, March 20, 2015

Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia added to Aug. 1 UFC show

The UFC announced today that Ronda Rousey will defend her UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship against Bethe Correia  on UFC 190 Aug. 1 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was first reported by the Brazilian TV network Globo a few days ago. This has been in the works for a while and Ronda wants to do it in Brazil. It's all based on what Bethe did to disrespect Ronda's pals The Four Horsewomen. Would Bethe normally merit a title shot? Of course not. She hasn't beaten a top contender. So I guess pissing off the champ is a good shortcut to a title shot. It wasn't Bethe's idea to do The Four horsewomen stuff anyway. One of her trainers is an old school wrestling fan and he told her what to do after Bethe beat Jessamyn Duke. The initial plan was for Ronda vs Bethe to happen on an earlier Brazilian show. But the Cat Zingano fight was delayed until February. And Bethe had eye surgery and wasn't cleared to fight anyway. Several fighters called Bethe out but it's clear that Ronda wanted to put an end to Bethe's undefeated record herself. Ronda said she planned to embarrass Bethe in her home country. She even said she wanted to discipline Bethe. I'm not sure what that means. She also said she is adjusting her filming schedule around this fight. Look, the atmosphere of this show is going to be crazy. But I just don't see this fight ending differently than any of Ronda's other fights. Hip toss, armbar and it's over in the first round. It was also revealed that Miesha Tate will face Jessica Eye in a number one contender match. UFC president Dana White admitted that the announcement is premature. There is no location or date yet because Miesha isn't cleared to train yet after suffering a broken orbital bone. She is also on a six month medical suspension that ends in July. White was tentatively suggesting June for this fight but Miesha would have to be cleared very soon to meet that deadline. The rumour that I heard was this fight would be on the same show as the Aug. title fight. I actually like that idea and I would not be surprised if it happens on that show. I'll analyze that fight when it is officially announced.

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