Monday, March 09, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 20

This is the season finale of season 3 of WWE Total Divas. For the first time, there is no wedding. But we do get a couple of cliffhangers including one that seems as phony as a three dollar bill. Plus Paige in love, sort of. We begin with Bradley coming to hang out backstage at RAW. Paige says she really likes him. Eva Marie is also there as she has returned to work. Bradley watches Paige perform for the first time. WWE Talent Relations stooge Mark Carrano gives The Bella Twins their three year contract renewals. Will they sign them? Eva Marie and husband and manager Jonathan are at a meeting for her to endorse a hair extension line. She says everything is set once she clears it with the WWE. Jonathan says it's separate and they don't need WWE approval. He is 100% wrong. All outside activities need to be WWE approved. She knows that and lets him handle it anyway. Big mistake that will lead to major conflict and our second cliffhanger. In San Diego, the Bella Twins meet for lunch with their very pregnant friend Shawna. Brie immediately gets child envy. They discuss the contract extension. Brie wants kids but Nikki wants to try acting. Keep in mind they left the WWE a few years ago to try acting. When it didn't go well, they returned to the WWE. Back at RAW in Grand Rapids, Paige and Bradley are going to Indiana to meet his mom. So obviously they are serious. She asks him to move in with her. She plans to move from Orlando to Los Angeles. He doesn't say yes. He wants her to meet his mom first. Nikki has a meeting at Extra. Is that show still airing? Isn't that where C-list celebs go to die? Meanwhile in Phoenix, Brie asks husband Bryan Danielson if they can afford to start a family. He says he's ready when she is and money is no problem. Back in LA, Eva Marie is doing a online makeup and hair tutorial. But first they're going to take some pics. Nikki goes to a meeting with a casting director. She says she wants to be the "female Rock". Ha! Ronda Rousey already has that job and even has the same agent as Dwayne Johnson. Nikki is told that her current schedule with the WWE limits what can be done with her. I think it's interesting that she has never been in a WWE Films production. As time gets short, Jonathan is getting testy about the live broadcast. Paige and Bradley arrive in Indianapolis to meet his mom. She gives his mom and sister a big bear hug. As this progresses, Bradley becomes less and less comfortable. She trying to get him to tell his mom that he is moving in with her but he is resisting that. Nikki talks to boyfriend John Cena about the contract extensions. He suggests that maybe she shouldn't sign it. While preparing for the photo shoot. Eva Marie gets a text from Carrano. She calls him and he says she should have got the photo shoot approved by the WWE. In Indiana, Paige and Bradley go to see his mom's horses. She's pissed because he won't tell his mom he's moving in with her. Eva Marie wants to cancel the photo shoot but Jonathan insists that this has nothing to do with the WWE. It doesn't matter. She's under contract and any outside projects need to be approved. The photo shoot continues. Back in Indiana, Paige finds out that Bradley was previously married. He doesn't think he has to tell her everything. She doesn't like that. They argue and the whole thing seems to be on the rocks. He storms off and after talking to him, they split up. I don't think this was expected. The producers didn't know what Paige was going to do. Now we go to Survivor Series in St. Louis where they show Nikki winning the WWE Divas Championship from AJ Lee in a very stupid match. Brie kisses AJ to distract her and it's over in seconds. They talk about this afterwards like it was a big accomplishment but the match was a joke. And they don't mention that AJ had planned to take time off to tend to a neck injury. Ultimately the WWE is to blame for enabling this crap. But The Bella Twins still don't get the wrestling business. Cliffhanger number one. Eva Marie and Jonathan argue about his role as her manager. She says if she wasn't her husband, he would have been fired for his behaviour. And that's what she does. He fires back and walks out. Are they through? Finally, the Bella Twins meet with Carrano and he immediately knows they won't sign the contract extension. That's your second cliffhanger. It doesn't mean they're leaving because they could always sign yearly extensions until they really want to leave. My guess is we'll know for sure before season four of WWE Total Divas begins in July. In the meantime, enjoy the video!
Total Divas S03E20 Finale Part 2 by MultiTvSeriesV4

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