Monday, March 09, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Bix Beiderbecke with Frankie Trumbauer

Artist:Bix Beiderbecke with Frankie Trumbauer
Song:The Baltimore
Album:Three Blind Mice

Frankie Trumbauer was a pioneering sax player and bandleader best known for his recordings with trumpet legend Bix Beiderbecke. These recordings turn up at random on Beiderbecke CDs but this CD features the best of the Trumbauer recordings with Beiderbecke. Trumbauer was born May 30, 1901 in Carbondale, IL and he grew up in St. Louis. His mother was a bandleader who played sax. Trumbauer moved to Chicago and played in bands led by Edgar Benson and Ray Miller and the Mound City Blue Blowers. Beiderbecke spotted him and recruited him to join Jean Goldkette's Victor Recording Orchestra. Trumbauer soon became the band's musical director. They left Goldkette's band in 1927. Trumbauer joined Paul Whiteman's band but he also signed to record for Okeh Records. These 1927 recordings including The Baltimore are on this CD. Along with Beiderbecke on trumpet, we have Eddie Lang on guitar, Joe Venuti on violin and Jack Teagarden on trombone. Trumbauer remained with the Whiteman band while recording under his own name. After Beidebecke died, Trumbauer worked frequently with Teagarden including The Three T's in the late 30s. He left music to become a pilot with the Civic Aviation Authority and he was a test pilot during WWII. After the war, he played in the NBC Orchestra while working as a pilot. Frankie Trumbauer died of a heart attack on June 11, 1956 at age 55. Sax legend Lester Young frequently named Trumbauer as a major influence so he is an important musician especially as it relates to Bix Beidebecke. Here's a video of The Baltimore by Bix Beiderbecke with Frankie Trumbauer.

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