Monday, March 09, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 19

Last night E! ran the final two season three episodes of WWE Total Divas. I will now cover the first of those two episodes. Both episodes feature Paige in a romance and I guess the main thing we find out is she is very impulsive and she has a bad temper. Of course there is also the usual Bella Twins stupidity and Nattie and TJ's cat obsession. We begin this episode in Buffalo where Paige, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox are going on vacation to Key West. The producers insist on showing us Rosa getting a bikini wax. I didn't need to see that. Paige has invited this guy Bradley and his friend on this trip. The guy is Bradley Walden. He is lead singer of the band Emarosa. Paige tells Ariane Andrew that for now Bradley is a "f**k buddy". This will get very complicated. We go back to RAW where Nattie Neidhart and husband TJ Wilson are very excited about Grumpy Cat guest hosting RAW. I know I was excited too...NOT! Nattie thinks her cats could be celebrities. I think she's out to lunch. A clip is shown from RAW where Nikki Bella wins a match prior to her Survivor Series match vs AJ Lee. You will notice in these two episodes that The Bella Twins are clueless about how bad they suck as wrestlers. It surprised me a little bit but they're both pretty stupid. In Key West, the girls listen to Bradley singing in the shower. They like him. While Alicia and Rosa are in the pool, Bradley goes to bed followed by Paige. Rosa tells her to bring a condom. In San Diego, The Bella Twins are with some of their cousins. Then Bella brother JJ mistakenly sends a nude selfie to Nikki that he was sending to his wife. She stupidly shows it to her cousins. He texts her to delete it but it's too late. The problem is Nikki thought it was funny and makes fun of him. The stupidity of The Bella Twins knows no bounds. After some Key West jet skiing, we go to Phoenix where Brie Bella and husband Bryan Danielson are discussing his upcoming autobigraphy which leads to JJ's selfie. Then to Tampa where Nattie arranges to have her mom pick up her cats while Nattie and TJ are away. Back to Key West where Paige has a fit while trying to pay her rent over her phone. Then they all go to the beach. Paige describes Bradley a "friend with benefits". It pisses him off and he takes a walk. Brie asks JJ to help her mount something on the wall. But he doesn't have the proper tools. The discussion turns to the nude selfie and how he mistakenly sent it to everyone. Now you know why I don't text. She snitches on her sister. Next we get some insight about why Nattie is weird. Blame her mom. She returns the cats after grooming them. She's the groomer from hell. They don't like it but they don't tell her. And she even asks them if they are upset with her. They lie of course. More phony baloney from the show producers. Back in Key West, the girls go on a cruise and Bradley sings a song for Paige. She gives him a big wet one. Bradley tells Alicia that Paige confuses him. It's the old "come here, get away" routine. He wants a serious relationship but he doesn't know if she wants one. Clearly, Alicia doesn't think it will work out. The Bella Twins have lunch with their mom, Danielson and JJ's wife. JJ doesn't come because he's mad at Nikki. She agrees to apologize which won't go well because she doesn't think she did anything wrong. Bradley confronts Paige. She says she doesn't want a serious relationship but he thinks she's lying to herself. He leaves. Nikki goes to apologize to JJ. But she doesn't really apologize which really pisses him off. Paige tells the girls what happened with Bradley. He was right. She's lying to herself because she was hurt in a previous relationship. That's right. It's amateur psychology time. Paging Dr. Ruth! The girls convince Paige to tell that to Bradley. She explains her fear of commitment to him and they get back together. There will be more about this in the next episode. We go to Detroit and guess what? A Valentine poem Nikki wrote to John Cena shows up on Instagram. How do you think that got there? She thinks it's embarrassing because it's corny. After all the girls laugh at her, she tells Brie she thinks JJ did it. It turns out Brie did it to teach Nikki a lesson. Nikki says she understands but she's actually planning revenge on Brie. Aren't they mature? I will write my review of the season three finale later. You can watch this video in the meantime.
Total Divas S03E19 Finale Part 1 by MultiTvSeriesV4

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