Sunday, March 15, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Germaine De Randamie vs Larissa Pacheco

Here's the match video of Germaine De Randamie vs Larissa Pacheco from last night's UFC show. It aired on UFC Fight Pass. Because they are both Muay Thai champs, a couple of fans have asked me what is the difference between Germaine and Joanna Jedrzejczyk. The difference is Joanna is good enough on the ground to put her opponent within striking range of her punches. Germaine has never been good on the ground and the way to beat her is to take her down. We haven't seen her for a while because she was injured and she moved back home to The Netherlands. I thought maybe we would see if she has worked on her ground game. But for some reason, Larissa Pacheco chose to strike with Germaine, And between rounds, her corner told her to take Germaine down. Germaine started to really pound her in round two and it was over very quickly. Larissa was undefeated in Brazil before she came to the UFC. She's 20 years old and she has lost both of her UFC fights. And she looked completely clueless in this fight. What is she doing in the UFC? I'm glad Germaine won but I need to see her against better competition. This was terrible. Here's the video.

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