Sunday, March 29, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Antlers

Artist:The Antlers
Song:Putting The Dog To Sleep
Album:Burst Apart

The Antlers are one of these indie bands that started out as Peter Silberman recording in his bedroom and then later on he turned it into a band. His music is never going to be mainstream but the band has a cult following. The Antlers began in Brooklyn, NY in 2006. The group name The Antlers is a song by the 90s group The Microphones. Silberman has acknowledged The Microphones as a big influence. The Antlers first CD Uprooted was recorded in Silberman's bedroom. As he was experimenting further, Silberman signed with Frenchkiss Records and turned The Antlers into a band with the 2009 CD Hospice. Pianist Darby Cicci and drummer Michael Lerner are still members of The Antlers today. Cicci is also the recording engineer so he has had a big influence on the evolving of the Antlers by adding layers of keyboards. Putting The Dog To Sleep is from the 2011 CD Burst Apart. The album wasn't as emotionally devastating as Hospice. But The Antlers were continuing to evolve. With the 2014 CD Familiars, The Antlers signed with the larger indie label ANTI Records. That alone got them more attention and The Antlers continue to get critical acclaim. They are currently on tour and if you're a fan of lo fi indie groups, the Antlers are worth checking out. Here are The Antlers performing Putting The Dog To Sleep on KEXP in Seattle 2011.

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