Sunday, March 22, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Amanda Nunes vs Shayna Baszler

Here's the match video of Amanda Nunes vs Shayna Baszler from last night's UFC show in Brazil. Both fighters were coming off of a loss but they're probably going in opposite directions. Amanda is still a top contender. Her rep is she is very aggressive at the start of fights but if she doesn't get a finish, she runs out of gas. And that's what happened to her when she lost to Cat Zingano. Amanda said she has solved this problem by switching to American Top Team in Florida. UFC Strawweight Nina Ansaroff was in her corner. Maybe we'll find out about Amanda's endurance down the road. But I didn't think this fight would get out of the first round. Shayna's loss to Bethe Correia was pretty bad. She got hit with one hard punch and then stopped moving. As much as we all respect Shayna for her longevity in women's MMA, she hasn't won a fight in almost three years. And I think she's lost a lot of her quickness over the last couple of years. Father Time always wins that battle. I didn't think she could keep up with Amanda. That's very clear if you watch the fight. Amanda hurt Shayna with strikes and Shayna wasn't returning fire. Then a kick to the knee and Shayna goes down. It's all over. Shayna's only hope was to get past the first round but it was unlikely she would be able to hold Amanda off. Maybe she went into the fight with a bad knee. I would like to see Shayna retire before she embarrasses herself further because her last two losses were embarrassing. But fighters can be very stubborn and Invicta has a bad habit of running pointless nostalgia matches with longtime fan favourites. I'm sure it won't surprise anyone that I hate nostalgia matches. Look, time catches up to all fighters but some fighters don't recognize when it's time to go. I can only analyze what I saw last night and Shayna's past accomplishments will tarnish the longer she hangs on. Fighting spirit isn't enough. Amanda said afterwards that she would like a rematch against Cat Zingano and the result will be different this time. Maybe we'll see. Enjoy the video!


  1. I just watched that fight. I can see why you and others feel Shayna Baszler should retire. Shayna was nothing like her old self, nothing at all. Pulling out lightening quick slick submissions, like her "twister". She went down after a few hard blows and that was it. The Ref was right to stop the fight. I think she should retire, before she gets really hurt bad. Right now Frank, I feel old.

  2. Your observation about Nunes is very true Frank. She does start very hard and aggressive early on. In this fight it worked for her. I do not know about other fights and fighters but here it did the job. She is very good with her kicks and combos. She has very good boxing skills.