Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DEEP JEWELS Featherweight Tournament finals set for May 31

DEEP JEWELS announced today that the semi finals and the final of the DEEP JEWELS Featherweight tournament will be on the May 31 Shinjuku FACE show. The talk was they might run the final in July. But it looks like they have something else in mind for that show. DEEP JEWELS also added three more matches to the show. The semi finals of the tournament will have VV Mei vs Mina Kurobe and SARAMI vs Tomo Maesawa. Then the final will be the main event of the show. All matches are scheduled for two five minute rounds when of course all fights should be three rounds and title fights should be five rounds. I would be surprised if VV Mei didn't win this tournament. Let's get to the other matches. Shizuka Sugiyama vs Kim Ji Yeon has been announced as a Middleweight Championship contender match. The winner will challenge current champ Takayo Hashi probably in July. Of course Hashi beat Sugiyama to win that belt last year. Nobody wants to see that again but they really don't have anyone to challenge Hashi. Of course it's possible that Kim could win. She's a Korean kickboxer with a 2-0-2 MMA record. Those two draws were against Sugiyama and Hashi. Is she that good or are they that bad? Probably the latter. Kim won over Miki Miyauchi on the Mar. 1 Gladiator show. I am told that Kim won some sort of Gladiator title but since that company is co-owned by those weasels at CMA Korea, it means nothing. I don't know if Kim is any good but I know Sugiyama isn't very good so an "upset" is possible. In a Featherweight bout, Emi Tomimatsu will face Ayaka Miura. Tomimatsu lost in the tournament and Miura was supposed to be in the tournament but dropped out due to injury. In a lightweight match. Amiba will face Misaki Takimoto. Amiba dropped to 48kg and lost to Tomo Maesawa in the Featherweight tournament. She is moving back up to 52kg and I think she is more comfortable fighting at that weight. She trains at AACC so Megumi Fujii will be in her corner. Takimoto is a veteran fighter but this will be her first fight since 2011. And she usually fights at 48kg. So why is she seemingly coming out of retirement? As a trainer at Zendokai in Yokohama, she trains Shizuka Sugiyama and Saori Ishioka. With Ishioka missing in action, it looks like Takimoto is stepping in for her. That's how low the DEEP JEWELS talent level is. They have to bring in someone who hasn't fought in 3 1/2 years and with a 15-13 record, she isn't very good anyway. Stay tuned for more matches as they are announced.

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  1. Thank-you Frank for your hard in depth coverage and views of Deep Jewels. You tell it like it is about the organizations fighters and the management or bad management of this organization. To bad, good idea, bad judgement.