Friday, March 20, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Sundowners

Artist:The Sundowners
Album:Chicago Country Legends

There have been several bands called The Sundowners including one in the late 60s that toured with The Monkees. This band called The Sundowners were a country music group that played Chicago clubs for decades but were otherwise unknown. They finally got some recognition when Bloodshot Records released this CD of live recordings. The Sundowners started out in 1959. Lead singer Bob Boyd and guitarist Don Walls had a band Circle B Boys. When their bassist left, steel guitarist Curt Delaney switched from steel guitar to bass so he could join the band. Though all three guys lived in Chicago, they were from the south. Boyd was from Tennessee, Walls from West Virginia and Delaney from Georgia. They played honky tonk music highlighted by great vocal harmonies and Walls' jazz influenced guitar. They took the name The Sundowners in 1960. Though The Sundowners never got a record deal, they played Chicago clubs for decades and became a cause celebre for locals and visiting musicians. They had a local TV show called American Swingaround and appeared on the WGN radio show Barn Dance. Fats Domino and Robert Duvall were among those who always saw the band when they were in Chicago. The Sundowners continued to perform until Curt Delaney died in 1997 and Bob Boyd died in 1999. Bloodshot Records owner Jon Langford was a huge fan and he decided to release a Sundowners CD in 2003 of live performances that are mostly from the late 60s. This cover of George Harrison's Something was recorded in 1971. Country music fans should check it out. Sadly, Don Walls died in 2011 but The Sundowners were a big part of Chicago's country music scene for years and this CD contains their legacy. Here's a video for Something by The Sundowners.

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  1. I have heard of them. I heard during the 50's and 60's there was a active country music scene in Chicago because of all southern men many young coming up from the south looking for work in the factories. There used to be on the north side a neighborhood called "Hillbilly Town". Or something close to that. I read this in a great article in the Chicago Sun-Times a while back.