Monday, March 02, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 18

The good news is that last night's episode of WWE Total Divas didn't feature another moronic Bella Twins dispute. Instead it featured this wretched and phony Nattie Neidhart marriage storyline. We begin at Casa Danielson in Phoenix where Bryan and Brie are barking like dogs into an alarm system. I guess the producers thought this pointless nonsense was cute. So as expected, Nattie Neidhart and husband TJ Wilson have reconciled and are out to dinner. They are having a nice conversation and TJ brings up that the cat got neutered. Oy! The reconciliation seems very awkward. Next we go to RAW in Indianapolis and Paige tells WWE talent relations stooge Mark Carrano she wants to get a tattoo of her mom on her arm. Any major change of appearance has to be WWE approved because of licensing deals they have with Mattel and others. Paige's position is it's her body and she can do what she wants. She is mistaken but this allows the producers to turn it into a storyline. Ariane Andrew asks the Bella Twins for advice. She wants her father to meat boyfriend Vinny's family but she thinks he may not be presentable. How superficial of her. Even with Nattie and TJ reconciling, you can see there is still tension. She knows that the "Nattie's husband" chants upset him and he blames her. She suggests he try out modelling as a second career. Huh? Well, we all know this won't end well. Ariane and Eva Marie are driving to the desert to see Ariane's dad. It appears her dad used to be a pimp and a drug addict. He is now reformed but she is ashamed of his past. She invites him to meet Vinny's family but he would like to get his teeth fixed. Ariane agrees to help him with that. She also wants to buy him a suit because he likes to wear pimp clothes. Nattie and TJ meet with a modelling agency. At first Nattie is gung ho about this. But you know her neuroses will creep in. Carrano tells Paige she can't get a tattoo and Paige is upset. She's considering getting it anyway but she's risking her job. Ariane tries to buy her dad a suit but he doesn't like it. He asks her if he embarrasses her. She lies and says no. At the photo shoot, Nattie has second thoughts when TJ poses with scantily clad women. But this was her idea. Ariane takes her dad to the dentist and his teeth can't be done before the dinner. So she has to take him as he is after all. Paige, Alicia and Rosa are discussing body hair when Paige's dad calls and tells her he doesn't want her to get a tattoo. Of course that makes her want to get one even more. When Nattie sees TJ modelling pics, she doesn't like them but she doesn't say that. Then they spend a lot of time on this dinner. Ariane's dad arrives wearing a pimp suit. He says he's a retired pimp. Vinny wants to talk to him privately to ask for his blessing. But he thinks they are engaged and he makes a big announcement about it. We cut to Nattie and TJ and she tells him the photo shoot made her uncomfortable. He didn't like it either and that's the end of that. At the dinner, Vinny's family arrives and things go well except his announcement puzzles Ariane because they aren't engaged yet. It was no big deal and afterwards, Ariane apologizes to her dad for being superficial. I doubt that she learned her lesson. So now we go to the tattoo parlor and Alicia and Rosa are trying to stop Paige from getting the tattoo. They called Nattie to talk to Paige. And it's funny how Nattie was so rational when she is usually the exact opposite in her marriage which is why that whole storyline is phony. After Nattie talks to her, they do a bit of a cliffhanger. Will Paige get a tattoo? Of course she doesn't. she wants to keep her job. Check out the episode video.
Total Divas 03/01/15 Season 3 Episode 18... by MrCena456

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