Sunday, March 01, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano

Here's the match video of Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano including the entrances and post match interviews from last night's UFC show in Los Angeles. After Ronda beat Alexis Davis in 16 seconds, I didn't think she could top that. That shows you what I know. I thought Ronda would win in round one but 14 seconds? Geez! The fight speaks for itself. Ronda showed tremendous athleticism and lessons learned from her mother when she was a child. Add to that her imagination and vision and there isn't anyone in MMA who can do what Ronda does. Her ability to improvise is unmatched and that's why it is difficult to prepare for her. She has tricks in her bag that she doesn't know she has and we won't see them until she does them. She told Joe Rogan she's never practiced that finish. It's pure instinct from years of judo. Who else does that? Ronda also told Rogan she expected Cat to come at her like that because of Cat's rep as a slow starter. There goes that surprise. Ronda said in the post fight press conference that she is making a movie. She couldn't talk about it as it hasn't been announced yet. When she returns, she's interested in fighting Bethe Correia to hand Bethe her first loss. Bethe was backstage and wanted to go to the cage and challenge Ronda post fight. Jessica Eye was also there and said "Over my dead body". I think we will see those two fight for a title shot. As for Cris Cyborg, the UFC insists that Ronda vs Cyborg will only happen at 135. So it's up to Cyborg to prove that she can fight at 135. In July, she will again fight for Invicta at 145. MMA Junkie reported that Zuffa signed Cyborg to a contract but will allow her to fight in Invicta until she drops to 135. That's exactly what they offered her two years ago and she turned it down. I have never seen a fighter unwittingly sabotage her own career like that. And the longer she waits, Ronda continues to improve and it's less likely that Cyborg can beat Ronda anyway. Anyway, enough of that. Enjoy the video!


  1. I do not see Cyborg ever fighting Ronda. Cyborg will not drop down 135lbs. Forget it, its not going to happen. You are right about her sabotaging her own career. That's it in a nutshell. Ronda is going to dominate her weight class for some time to come, until someone does actually beat her or she leaves UFC for full time movie making or just retires.

  2. I just watched the video of this fight. Damn that was quick and Ronda's flipping Cat over was indeed a Judo inspired move. This is a truly gifted athlete who knows how to fight.