Monday, January 26, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 14

With all the negative feedback for last night's Royal Rumble, maybe you all forgot to watch last night's episode of WWE Total Divas. So I PVRd it and watched it this morning. So look at this review and the video as a public service for those who missed it. And no, I didn't like the booking of last night's Royal Rumble. I laugh when Vince McMahon says he listens to the fans and then does the exact opposite as a "f__k you" to fans. This episode of Total Divas concentrates on the usual stupidity while glossing over more serious issues. We begin with The Bella Twins visiting Eva Marie and Jonathan after Eva's recent surgery. They are discussing Eva's new boobs and joking about Brie's lifestyle. Then to the inevitable brunch with Brie saying that it's rare that they all get together. That's obviously an inside joke by the producers as they frequently use meals to set up storylines as they do on this episode. They are talking about the recent break in at the Danielson household and that Brie will have to beef up security. Of course she goes overboard. Then we go to Los Angeles and Eva Marie gets a phone call that she is doing another photo shoot for Muscle & Fitness. She is concerned because she hasn't worked out since her surgery. We go to Tampa where Rosa Mendes and Paige are shopping. Rosa says Paige turns her on and misreads Paige's natural flirtiness as something more serious. This storyline is so stupid. Next we see that Eva Marie is struggling with her workout and Ariane expresses concern. The Danielsons have a new alarm system but Brie thinks they need a gun. Bryan says a gun won't stop prowlers. Next we go to Alicia Fox, her sister Christina Crawford, Rosa Mendes and Paige hanging out at Alicia's house. BTW, Christina was a WWE developmental wrestler and was on the most recent edition of Tough Enough. Paige leaves and Rosa tells Alicia that she has the hots for Paige. Alicia warns Rosa that she is misreading Paige but Rosa stupidly ignores that sound advice. Now we get to Eva Marie's problem. She thinks she's fat though she's not. Ariane is trying to get to the bottom of it. She asks Titus O'Neil to rate Eva's appearance on a 1-10 scale. He says she's a 10 but Ariane is an 8 because of her attitude. When she complains, he lowers his rating. That was funny. The Bella Twins and Nattie Neidhart are working out with Vince McMahon's personal trainer. When the subject of home security comes up, he tells Brie to get barbed wire which she calls "bob wire". Next Rosa, Alicia and Paige are out to dinner. At the end of the night, Rosa is waiting for a cab and she kisses Paige goodnight. Paige gives her the bad news that the romantic feelings aren't mutual. Rosa leaves in the cab. Brie tells Bryan about "bob wire". After he makes fun of that, he tells her she is being ridiculous. At the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Paige tells Alicia what happened with Rosa. Alicia tells Paige she told Rosa that she was misreading Paige. Paige doesn't think she did anything wrong. Maybe Rosa needs therapy. Ariane and Eva are shopping and Eva has a fainting spell. Now Ariane will do something about this. Brie is having "bob wire" installed. It's actually razor wire as Bryan points out. He's annoyed that she didn't discuss it with him. He tells her he's going to build a bomb shelter. She didn't get that joke. Alicia and Paige track down Rosa at a restaurant but she doesn't want to talk to them. Ariane and Jonathan are planning to confront Eva Marie's self image issues. While they're driving, Bryan convinces Brie to take down the "bob wire" if he starts a neighbourhood watch. He says she can't live in fear. Of course the funniest thing is how Brie keeps calling barbed wire "bob wire". We get to this apartment and Ariane wants to show Eva how she sees herself differently from how others see her. When she is shown the difference a light bulb goes on. The producers try to make it look like the problem is solved but she probably needs therapy. I don't know if that will be shown. Finally we have Paige apologizing to Rosa for giving her the wrong idea. For what it's worth, Paige would be better off staying away from a moron like Rosa but she wants to be friends with her. We finish with Eva Marie's photo shoot. Enjoy the video!
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