Monday, January 12, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 12

No, I didn't watch the Golden Globes. I watched WWE Total Divas so I could write this review and post the episode video just for you. This week we have the usual phony storylines that emphasize stupidity over common sense. Paige's debut last week was a little bit of fresh air and we get to see her at the beginning of the show having fun with Big E Langston's man boobs. This week, Alicia Fox debuts as a series regular. But we begin with Eva Marie going to a doctor's appointment with Ariane Andrew to find out if she can have kids. I could live without them showing these tests in detail. Then we go to a Bella Twins merchandise meeting to show that Nikki is still not talking to Brie. And then a brief appearance by Rev. Jesse Jackson. Brie is trying to figure out how to get Nikki to forgive her. Later, she tries to convince Nikki's boyfriend John Cena to talk to her. He tells her what anyone would tell her. Leave her alone and she'll come around. Look, I understand The Bella Twins are supposed to be the stars of this show. But the producers are spending way too much time on this one note storyline. Brie's continuing stupidity is mind numbing. Then we meet Alicia Fox who has been in the WWE for nine years. She hangs around with the incredibly stupid Rosa Mendes supposedly because all the other girls hate her. Don't worry, Alicia. You'll learn to hate her too. They show this RAW segment where Rosa's pants were pulled down and we had a moon over Omaha on live TV. Accidents happen. At first she's horrified and the producers play "wah wah" music. Later we get to the phony part of this storyline. Eva Marie and Ariane go out for drinks and Eva Marie reveals that she doesn't want kids at all but she never told husband Jonathan who wants a family. She claims not to have a maternal instinct. You'd think a teenager was talking but she's 30 years old. Obviously she's afraid to tell him. The morning after her wardrobe malfunction, Rosa observes that she has 25,000 new Twitter followers. She thinks that if she stages another one, she'll be an even bigger star. Alicia tells her she's nuts and it should have ended there...but it doesn't. After a pointless segment showing that Nikki is still mad at Brie and then Brie annoys Cena, we go to Rosa and Alicia practicing a nip slip on the hotel bed! Fortunately, she decides not to go through with it. After two brief but pointless segments confirming a) Jonathan wants kids and b) Nikki is still mad at Brie, Eva goes to the doctor and finds that she can have kids. So she still has to tell Jonathan. Then we go to the arena where WWE Talent Relations stooge Mark Carrano threatens to fire Rosa for planning a nip slip. At first Rosa is mad at Alicia for turning her in. But when she finds out that Alicia was discussing it with the other girls and one of them turned her in, they are friends again. Maybe Rosa should be concerned that Alicia is a blabbermouth. Because of her fight with Brie, Nikki is considering not going to a family dinner. Cena convinces her to go and he will go with her. Then Eva tells Jonathan she doesn't want to have kids. Instead of yelling at her, he goes to the gym. Well, that's remarkably mature for this show. Back to stupidity. At the family dinner, Brie will not leave Nikki alone. She's not ready for forgiveness. And I think it's time for the show producers to put this storyline to rest until the inevitable reconciliation. But I bet they don't. The final scene in this episode has Eva going to the gym and in the end, Jonathan forgives her. All's well that ends well, I suppose. Enjoy the video!
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