Monday, January 12, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Bobby Caldwell

Artist:Bobby Caldwell
Song:What You Won't Do For Love
Album:Songs For Lovers Only Vol. 1

What You Won't Do For Love was Bobby Caldwell's only big hit in 1978. But the song is considered an R & B classic today and has been covered by many artists and is frequently sampled by hip hop guys. Caldwell was born Aug. 15, 1951 in New York City. His parents hosted the local TV show Suppertime. His family moved to Memphis and then Miami. Caldwell still lives in Miami. He learned to play guitar and piano and led a cover band in Los Angeles. The band recorded an album that went nowhere and Caldwell moved back to Miami. Playing in Miami clubs got him a deal with TK Records owner Henry Stone. TK was known for R & B like George McCrae and disco like KC & The Sunshine Band. Caldwell recorded an album but Stone didn't think there was a hit on it. He sent Caldwell back into the studio and he recorded What You Won't Do For Love. Caldwell wrote the song with veteran studio drummer Alfons Kettner. The horn arrangement was by Mike Lewis. Stone wanted to sell the single to R & B fans as opposed to disco fans. So he tried to hide that Caldwell is white. But he couldn't hide that when Caldwell performed live. It didn't matter. What You Won't Do For Love reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978. Caldwell never had another big hit but this one song has been frequently covered and sampled ever since. He recorded for TK and Polydor and has recorded for smaller labels for years. You can get What You Won't Do For Love on this budget CD. Caldwell co-wrote the 1986 number one hit The Next Time I Fall by Amy Grant and Peter Cetera. He last recorded in 2012 and he still tours. Here's Bobby Caldwell performing What You Won't Do For Love.

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  1. Love that song. Its one of my favorites. A really good R&B song. To bad it was his only hit. Glad he still lives in Miami, always good to live in the place you call home.