Monday, January 05, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 11

We're back with the second half of season three of WWE Total Divas. As usual, I will post the episode video in case you missed it and attempt to review each episode. First, a couple of changes. Trinity "Naomi" Fatu is no longer in Total Divas. In a recent interview, her husband Jon Fatu Jr. AKA Jimmy Uso said he didn't want cameras in his home anymore and that Trinity wanted to remain on the show. So she could return if he agrees to it. Also, they have added Alicia Fox and Paige to the cast. Alicia (real name: Victoria Crawford) has been in the WWE since 2006 when she was found in a swimsuit catalog. She knows how to strut to the ring and has improved as a wrestler. But she's a midcard wrestler and is a favourite of WWE TV executive producer Kevin Dunn. He was behind Alicia's brief time throwing tantrums after losing on TV last year. She stopped doing that because it wasn't part of a storyline and was going nowhere. Paige (real name: Saraya-Jade Bevis) grew up in the wrestling business in England. Her mom is former SHIMMER champ Sweet Saraya. Paige is 22 years old and has been a wrestler for ten years. She was very successful in NXT and won the WWE Divas Championship in her first WWE appearance the night after Wrestlemania. To learn more about Paige, I recommend the British TV doc Wrestling With My Family. Alicia is not in this episode but Paige is. We begin with John Cena kinda sorta splitting up with girlfriend Nikki Bella. But Nikki doesn't know that twin sister Brie Bella, their mom and brother met with Cena to prompt this. That was the stupidest thing Brie has done on this show. Mind your own business. When Brie discovers that Cena didn't tell Nikki about the meeting, she asks him about it and he says he would never throw her under the bus. So now Brie is having second thoughts. Meanwhile, Nattie Neidhart meets up with Paige and they wind up at this party. Fandango is there but everyone else looks like they were hired from Central Casting. Nattie eats a brownie and Paige immediately tells her they contain weed. Nattie asks Paige if she ate one and Paige says she doesn't like brownies. When she said that, I immediately thought this was a rib. And one would think Nattie would know that. She grew up in the wrestling business and her uncle Owen Hart was one of the most notorious ribbers in wrestling history. But instead of using that logic, the producers have Nattie go nuts concerned about flunking a drug test. Nattie looks like an idiot. Brie tells her family that she now wants to tell Nikki about the meeting with Cena. And she blames her brother for the idea though it was her idea. The meeting goes as expected and Nikki is upset with all of them but especially with Brie. She immediately goes to Cena's house and reconciles. Nattie discovers that they are drug testing at work and she doesn't want to go to the arena fearing a positive test. She's driving with Ariane "Cameron" Andrew. Nattie rams a dumpster thinking a fender bender and a trip to the emergency room is a good excuse for her absence. Ariane won't go along with this. They got to the arena and get the drug test. The Bella Twins are getting ready to do this big SummerSlam angle where Nikki turns heel. Nikki is still mad at Brie anyway so she thinks that's great. A few days later, Paige comes to Nattie's house and brings cat toys among other things. She tells Nattie that the weed in the brownies was a rib. And a pretty funny one at that. Paige says she was surprised that Nattie didn't recognize it as a rib. And her reaction after Paige told her it was a rib is typical Nattie outrage on this show. Well, DUH! You should have known it was a rib, Nattie. How dumb are you? I blame the show producers for not understanding the wrestling business. This episode ends with the SummerSlam angle I mentioned earlier. Stay tuned for my weekly reviews of WWE Total Divas. Enjoy the video!
Total Divas - Her Highness - Season 3 Episode... by disnmad

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