Monday, January 19, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 13

Here's the video of last night's episode of WWE Total Divas. On this week's episode, we get a look at a common health issue for WWE Divas turned into an exercise in stubborn stupidity. We get a pointless competition storyline stolen from other Bunim Murray reality shows. And we have the return of Nattie Neidhart's prudish alter ego Grandma Nattie. As usual, we begin with a brief unrelated segment in Kansas City. The girls are watching a match with Brie Bella vs Summer Rae. When Nattie and the others talk trash about Summer Rae, Paige sticks up for her because Summer was nice to her. Then we go to John Cena and Nikki Bella at the gym owned by Cena's pal Rob McIntyre. When Nikki says she runs faster than Cena, McIntyre suggests a competition to see who is better. This is a timewaster stolen from other reality shows. McIntyre will devise this nonsense. Then we go to Los Angeles where Eva Marie is having trouble with her breast implants. She's had them for nine years so they probably need to be replaced. This is a common problem for female wrestlers who have implants especially older silicone ones. Of course Eva isn't really a wrestler. But she thinks she is. Husband Jonathan convinces her to go to the doctor. Next we go to Las Vegas and Paige vs Nattie. Paige is doing this shtick where she crawls suggestively over her downed opponent usually followed by headbutts. Afterwards, Grandma Nattie tells Paige she doesn't like that stuff. Paige agrees not to do it in their matches. Yeah, right. Of course the show producers don't reveal the context. At the time, Paige was the heel in a "frenemies" angle with AJ Lee. And this behaviour was supposed to enhance her heel character. This was approved by WWE management. Of course Grandma Nattie knows this meaning this conflict was contrived by the show producers to make Nattie look foolish. Next Eva Marie goes to the doctor. At brunch, Grandma Nattie continues to complain about Paige. Eva gets a phone call from the doctor's office that her implants are leaking and must be removed. Stupidly, she chooses to delay this. In Seattle, Nikki explains this competition to the girls and they do tell her she's being silly. They show a clip of Eva Marie beating AJ Lee to show that she's getting a push. Or at least what she thought was a push. Then we have the first part of this competition at a go kart track. Nikki is taking this competition way too seriously. Of course when Cena wins, she complains that he cheated. Next is mini golf and when Cena wins again, she complains that he cheated. The same thing happens in the batting cage and Skee Ball. And he's goofing around so that really pisses Nikki off. Next Eva Marie tells Jonathan that she has cancelled her surgery. Of course they argue about this. she doesn't seem to appreciate how serious this is. He leaves a voice mail for WWE Talent relations stooge Mark Carrano which upsets her. Next we go to the final event in this competition. Would you believe beer pong? And Cena is dressed like a preppie. When Cena inevitably wins, Nikki throws a beer in his face. After the commercial, Nikki admits she took it too seriously and all is well. So why did the producers do this again? Never mind. Eva Marie and Jonathan argue again. Then she goes to have dinner with The Bella Twins. Wait a minute. Isn't Nikki supposed to be mad at Brie? No explanation. The good thing is they convince Eva to have the surgery. They convince her that she won't lose her spot. In Houston, Nattie thinks she has convinced Paige to not do what Nattie thinks is suggestive business. Paige agrees to this. But in the match, Paige licks her face among other things. When Nattie confronts her afterwards, Paige says she knows exactly what she's doing and did Nattie listen to the crowd reaction. Nattie finally agrees that maybe Paige is smarter than she thinks. The episode ends with Eva Marie coming home after her surgery. She will be off for a couple of months. Who knows what would have happened if she hadn't has the surgery. Enjoy the video!
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