Sunday, January 11, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Diana Ross

Artist:Diana Ross
Song:Love Hangover
Album:The Definitive Collection

Diana Ross had tremendous success as a solo artist after she left The Supremes in 1970. Her first number one hit was Ain't No Mountain High Enough in 1970 followed by Touch Me In The Morning in 1973. Meanwhile she was out making a couple of movies.  First there was Lady Sings The Blues in 1972 and then Mahogany in 1975. The Theme From Mahogany was her third number one hit. So now she was going to record her first solo album since 1973. Motown house producer Hal Davis co-wrote and produced the 1974 Jackson 5 hit Dancing Machine. So he knew disco was on the rise and he heard a demo of Love Hangover at the Motown office. The song was written by veteran Motown house songwriters Marilyn McLeod and Pam Sawyer. He recorded the backing track with Joe Sample on piano, Art Wright on guitar, Henry Davis on bass and James Gadson on drums. He wanted to record it with either Diana or Marvin Gaye. Diana thought she was too good to record a disco song. But Motown owner Berry Gordy convinced her to try it. Davis had the recording engineer install a strobe light to get Diana in the disco mood. And he also served her champagne. Love Hangover topped the charts in 1976 and Diana would go on to have even bigger hits with disco songs like I'm Coming Out and Upside Down in 1980. Both songs were written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic. And to think she didn't want to record disco. This budget CD covers her Motown solo hits. She left Motown for RCA in 1981 and continued to have success there for a few years and then returned to Motown. Here's Diana Ross performing Love Hangover on The Midnight Special 1976.

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  1. Thank-you very much Frank. I like her a great deal. I like her song from the movie Mahogany a great deal and have it in my I tunes collection. One of her best songs. I did not like her disco songs as much. But she did have success with them and you cannot argue with that. A very talented and lovely lady.