Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Kana vs Syuri

Here's the match video of Syuri defending the REINA World Women's Championship against Kana on the Dec. 26 REINA show at Korakuen Hall. Of course the rivalry between Kana and Syuri goes back to their SMASH days. It should have continued at WNC but Kana left the promotion over money. That was a sign of things to come as WNC sold their joshi wrestlers to REINA and WNC is now closed. I thought it was a great idea for REINA to bring in Kana as a storyline general manager. With Syuri as champ, it was obvious what Kana would do. So first Kana and reluctant partner Arisa Nakajima won the tag team titles over Syuri and Lin Bairon. And right after the match, Lin turned on Syuri. And that leads to this match on REINA's Christmas show. And despite Syuri's popularity, I expected Kana to win. There was no high flying in this match as neither of them do much of that. What I like about Kana she likes to hit hard and she takes as good as she gives. I've never liked Syuri much but she does kick hard and that meshes well with Kana's style. After all, Syuri is a kickboxing champ. The problem is that kicking is the only thing Syuri does well. So if you like hard hitting matches, I think you will enjoy this. Kana won the match with her chicken wing rear naked choke finish. Syuri had a nap. And in a nice touch, she tried to attack Kana when the ref woke her up. Then Hikaru Shida entered the ring, shook Kana's hand and gave her a Michinoku Driver. So there's your next challenger. That match should be very entertaining and I would guess that the pre-match interaction between Kana and Hikaru will be very funny. Congratulations to Kana for winning the REINA World Women's Championship. Enjoy the video!

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