Thursday, January 01, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Ayaka Hamasaki vs VV Mei

Here's the match video for Ayaka Hamasaki vs VV Mei from yesterday's DEEP DREAM IMPACT show at Differ Ariake. This was the featured women's match on the show. Unfortunately, DEEP matchmaker Shigeru Saeki continues to disrespect female fighters by scheduling their fights for two rounds instead of three. I thought Ayaka won both rounds. She got top position in both rounds. And though she didn't come close to a finish, I think the top control was enough to give her the win. Mei had a bit of flurry at the end of round two. But it was too little too late. And I'm not sure a third round would have done her any good. In the other women's fights, Emi Fujino easily won by unanimous decision over Emi Tomimatsu. I don't think either are elite fighters but Fujino landed more strikes and Tomimatsu looked pooped by the end of round two. Shizuka Sugiyama won over Raika by first round armbar. Raika is a retired boxer trying to make it in MMA in her late 30s. Maybe that's not such a good idea. She's not a credible opponent so the win does nothing for Sugiyama. And finally, Saeki did this silly pro wrestling angle where model Rika Hamada wants to get revenge on veteran fighter Satoko Shinashi for beating her friend in 2006. Hamada comes to the cage like she's going on a picnic. And then she's completely useless as she squirms around as Shinashi sits on her and pounds away. An armbar puts Hamada out of her misery and the fight is mercifully over very quickly. UGH! Enjoy the video!

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