Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-T'Pau

Song:Heart and Soul
Album:The Greatest Hits

I bet you remember this song even if you don't remember the group. And though T'Pau was a one hit wonder in North America, they were successful in their native England where Heart and Soul wasn't even their biggest hit. They called themselves Talking America when they formed in 1986 in Shropshire, England and then named themselves after a Vulcan character in Star Trek. Lead singer Carol Decker and guitarist Ronnie Rogers were in a relationship and wrote all the songs together. Other band members were Tim Burgess on drums, Michael Chetwood on keyboards and Paul Jackson on bass. Taj Wyzgowski was the original lead guitarist. Dean Howard replaced him in 1987. T'Pau signed with Virgin Records and their debut album Bridge Of Spies was produced by veteran producer Roy Thomas Baker. Heart and Soul flopped when it was first released and I don't think the album was going to be released in North America. But then the song was used in a Pepe Jeans ad and radio stations got requests to play it. It reached #4 on the Billboard hot 100 and the British Singles chart. The song has a repetitive chorus and doesn't have much in the way of verses. Though Heart and Soul was T'Pau's only US hit, the single China In Your Hand topped the British charts. T'Pau recorded three albums and were fading in 1991 when they decided to split up. This EMI Europe comp is a good intro to their music. Carol Decker and Ron Rogers split up in 1993. Carol formed a new T'Pau and they recorded new music in 1998. They have recorded a couple of live CDs and still tour England. Carol was the runner up to Shakin' Stevens in the British version of the TV show Hit Me Baby One More Time. Here's the video for Heart and Soul by T'Pau.

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