Sunday, January 04, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Marion Reneau vs Alexis Dufresne

Here's the match video of Marion Reneau vs Alexis Dufresne from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. The fight was on the UFC Fight Pass prelims and not everyone got to see it. Now that I have a new Smart TV with Roku, I can watch UFC Fight Pass on my TV in HD. I highly recommend this. Roku will come in very handy for upcoming Invicta shows. In other news, the UFC announced that the archives of several promotions including Hook 'N' Shoot and Pancrase will begin appearing on Fight Pass this spring. They should talk to DEEP because that's who owns the Smackgirl fights. I don't know who owns the rights to Valkyrie as parent company GCM went bankrupt. And how about Shooto and X-Shooto? After you watch the first round of this fight, you may want to skip the rest. It's pretty bad. I thought Alexis Dufresne was a questionable hire in the first place because I didn't think she could make 135lb. And she missed weight twice. And I didn't see anything in her fights that would make me think she should be in the UFC. And when you watch this fight, you will wonder that yourself. So what happened? It seems that UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby was bamboozled by her coach. Both Alexis and her coach knew that she would never make 135. She went along with it to please him. Alexis was so bad in this fight that it's hard to tell if Marion is any good. It was like Alexis was wearing cement boots. One of the judges even scored it 30-25. The one good thing is that Alexis took some hard shots but never went down. So she made it through three rounds. But that didn't stop Joe Rogan from screaming for the fight to be stopped. He's done this before and I disagreed with him on that occasion. and I disagree with him on this occasion. Alexis was just bleeding from the nose. She was trying to defend herself but was ineffective. That is not a criteria for a stoppage. I don't know if Alexis has any fights left on her contract but the UFC might be wise to farm her out to Invicta so she can fight at her proper weight. She could be damaged goods now. She's only 24 years old. Her coach is the real disgrace. Enjoy the video if you can.

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