Monday, September 29, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 4

Here's the video of last night's episode of WWE Total Divas and I will proceed to separate fact from fiction. There are three storylines with a fourth mixed in. These women are presented as so stupid and selfish that maybe the show name should be changed to Total Idiots. This episode begins with a couple of scenes designed to set up this week's storylines. WWE Diva Paige is uncomfortable with Rosa Mendes coming on to her. Then The Bella Twins are having lunch and Brie Bella is concerned about money because neither she nor husband Bryan Danielson are working right now. Then Nattie Neidhart tells Rosa that her behaviour backstage can cause her problems. And this leads to another "Nattie's husband TJ Wilson takes Nattie for granted" storyline. Supposedly he has forgotten her birthday. Though their relationship is none of Rosa's business, her reaction will lead to drama later. Next Trinity McCray and husband Jon Fatu Jr. are bowling. Remember when Trinity had a birth control implant installed? It was giving her trouble so she had it removed but she is still sick. She's going to a doctor to see what is wrong. Then The Bella Twins are driving to one of Nikki's egg freezing appointments and Brie is whining to set up this week's "Brie Bella is a bitch" storyline. This continues when the Danielsons go to an appliance store and Brie didn't want to go. Nattie's parents are visiting her for her birthday and TJ gives her exercise equipment for her birthday. This is phony baloney. Is this the best they can come up with? Nattie checks into a hotel with Rosa to cool off. Now she's questioning her marriage. Here's the thing. Those two have been together for years. She knows what he's like. So none of this should be a surprise to her. Having Rosa come on to Nattie is the added element to this recycled storyline. Trinity is at the doctor and she has a polyp on her uteris and risks cancer if she doesn't have surgery. Next is Nattie's birthday party at a club. And Rosa tries to kiss Nattie. Of course that was out of bounds. Jon unsuccessfully tries to convince Trinity to have the surgery. After having lunch with Rosa and Summer Rae, Trinity is convinced that buying a stripper pole and learning how to use it will satisfy Jon. So now they have entered phony baloney territory. They added this just so the girls would do stripper moves. Nikki and Danielson confront Brie about her bitchiness. Eventually she admits that she is concerned that the WWE won't want her back. That turns out to be nonsense. Meanwhile after pole dancing class, Trinity tries to sell it to Jon. He ain't buying and eventually convinces her to have the surgery. Once she agrees, he's happy again. Again Nattie has to talk to Rosa about her behaviour. She apologizes but that's why Rosa is on the show. She has no self control. This episode ends with TJ giving a lame talk trying to get Nattie to return. Not surprisingly, she walks away. That's your cliffhanger. Enjoy the video!
WWE Total Divas S03E04 by watchwwelive

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