Monday, September 22, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 3

This episode of WWE Total Divas should be called Beware of Morons because some of these girls are idiots. This is nothing new as The Bella Twins have repeatedly made decisions without thinking or consulting with their significant others. And now we can add Rosa Mendes to the stupid club. This episode begins with the angle at WWE Payback in Chicago when Brie Bella "quit" the WWE and slapped Stephanie McMahon. Then Brie and husband Bryan Danielson have lunch with The Bella Twins' mom who owns a corporate recruiting firm. Danielson's uncertain future following his surgery forces a discussion about what they would do post wrestling. So they go to mom's office to take a test and both fail miserably. It's interesting that in this discussion the possibility of Danielson opening a wrestling school is never discussed. Because that's what a lot of retired pro wrestlers do. In fact, current WWE wrestler Seth Rollins already owns a wrestling school and I'm sure he could help Danielson. So I'm not really buying this storyline. A clip from RAW is shown where Summer Rae returns from shooting a movie wearing a chicken suit. She removes it to attack Layla El who is Fandango's new dancer. If you recall from last season, all the girls hate Summer especially Nattie Neidhart. These two need to be kept apart. Then we go to Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan who are planning a big wedding. They are visiting her parents for July 4. The bone of contention is Eva Marie's dad wants a Catholic wedding and Jonathan won't convert to Catholicism. Eva Marie is hoping to avoid discussion of this topic. She should know better. Brie and Danielson are discussing post wrestling options and think that buying a Bed and Breakfast would be perfect for them. Of course this is based on romanticism and not common sense because it's a business and neither of them has any business experience. They go see it and the business will cost $800K and they need a $150K down payment. Danielson says they don't have the money after buying a house but Brie really wants to do this. So then we see the discussion of the wedding with Eva Marie's family. Eva wants to please her dad so much that she wants Jonathan to convert. He gets pissed and takes a walk. After discussing it with Jonathan, Eva talks to her dad and even he says pleasing Jonathan is more important. He's OK with Jonathan not converting. Arggggh! Couldn't they have done this two weeks ago? Now we go to The Bella Twins. Brie tells Nikki about the Bed and Breakfast and asks for a $100K loan from her and boyfriend John Cena. Brie did not discuss this with her husband who says later that he would have nixed it. Also, Nikki says "Oh, okay" without discussing it with Cena. And when she does tell him, he says he doesn't loan money to family after some bad experiences. That was a great decision as it avoided a dismal failure. Now we go to RAW in Minneapolis. Rosa Mendes offers Summer Rae a ride to the next taping. She says she paid for half the car rental. Nattie Neidhart paid for the other half. Rosa thinks Nattie and Summer can bond if they ride together. Didn't she watch season 2 of Total Divas? Those two hate each other. When she arrives, Nattie is upset but agrees to allow Summer to ride with them. It doesn't go well. Nattie pulls the car over in the middle of nowhere and pulls Summer out of the car. Rosa convinces her to not do that and she will drive and there will be no talking. She admits later that she didn't know things were that bad between the two. Nattie apologized to Rosa later. The Bella Twins are appearing at Wizard World in Philadelphia. They are smiling on the outside but bickering over the loan. Then Brie apologizes to Danielson for not discussing the loan with him. Next week, Jon Fatu Jr. wants kids, Rosa gets the hots for Nattie and more Bella Twins bickering. Enjoy the video.
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