Monday, September 22, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Cookers

Artist:The Cookers
Song:The Core

Jazz fans are going to want to check out The Cookers. They are not to be confused with the Toronto based jazz group The Cookers Quintet. Trumpeter David Weiss formed The Cookers as sort of a tribute to his hero Freddie Hubbard but also to put the spotlight on underappreciated veteran sidemen. Weiss has been around the New York jazz scene since the late 80s. He has worked with tenor sax player Craig Handy since the early 90s. Weiss has also worked as an arranger for other jazz artists. He is the leader of The New Jazz Composers Octet and he has recorded as a leader since 2002. In 2006, he formed two bands. Point Of Departure Quintet features young musicians. The cookers features veteran sidemen who Weiss believes deserve more respect. The Core is a Freddie Hubbard song from the 2010 CD Warriors. Along with Weiss, there is Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Billy Harper on tenor sax, Craig Handy on alto sax, George Cables on piano, Cecil McBee on bass and Billy Hart on drums. Most jazz fans should recognize the names. Other than The Core, all the songs on Warriors were written by Cables, McBee or Harper and arranged by Weiss. The Cookers are currently on Motema Music and their brand new CD Time and Time Again was released last week. The only personnel change has Donald Harrison replacing Craig Handy. And I expect these guys to tour. I would go see them if they came to Toronto. They aren't getting any younger but they sure can play. Here's The Cookers performing The core in Germany 2008. This video is not on Youtube.
The Cookers - The Core 2008 by Half_Note_Jazz_Club
The Cookers - The Core 2008 by Half_Note_Jazz_Club
The Cookers - The Core 2008 by Half_Note_Jazz_Club

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