Monday, September 15, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 2

Here's the video of season 3 episode 2 of WWE Total Divas. This episode is above average because two of the three storylines are reality based. We begin with the cliffhanger from last week when John Cena found stuff that girlfriend Nikki Bella was using to freeze her eggs so she could use them later to have children. She foolishly chose to hide this from Cena. One of the reasons I think this is a phony storyline is it's hard to believe Nikki is that stupid. As expected, Cena was upset that she didn't discuss it with him. He wasn't upset that she was freezing her eggs but he was concerned that it anticipates that they will split up. Meanwhile, Brie Bella and husband Bryan Danielson are moving into their new house. Of course Brie wants to change everything in the house. This upsets Danielson and he says there is a budget and they can't change everything. He says changing everything is what Nikki would do. She whines that she never gets what she wants. His response is the wedding was exactly what she wanted. This will be resolved later. At a RAW taping, WWE Talent Relations stooge Mark Carrano requests a meeting with The Funkadactyls. He says they won't split up but Trinity will be a singles wrestler and Ariane will valet her at ringside. The WWE is doing this because Trinity is a more polished ring performer. They say they will try it out but Ariane is upset about it. It's not her fault she was brought up to the main roster too quickly. Cena and Nikki have dinner and he convinces Nikki to not freeze her eggs. Then The Bella Twins have coffee together and Nikki tells Brie this. Brie also tells Nikki about her argument with Danielson. They bicker over this but then they make up. After visiting with some family, Nikki decides to freeze her eggs after all and Cena agrees to help her. All's well that ends well...for now. Brie's argument with Danielson ends when he tells her that he will need neck surgery. That's the result of 15 years of Danielson's brand of high impact wrestling. The surgery will be done by Pittsburgh Steelers team physician Dr. Joseph Maroon. He has performed a less invasive spinal cord surgery on Kurt Angle, Adam "Edge" Copeland etc. The recovery time is much quicker than it used to be. Brie is upset because The Bella Twins have a promotional appearance in New York City and she won't be able to be in Pittsburgh for Danielson's surgery. Ariane tries out being a valet. She doesn't like it. She asks Carrano to send her back to NXT for more training. He warns her that she may never return to the main roster. She seems to understand this but when she tells Trinity, Trinity accuses her of breaking up the team. That's the end of that for now. But I don't believe Ariane ever went to NXT and I'm sure we'll see her heel turn later this season. This may be the first time in WWE Total Divas history that Ariane is a sympathetic character. WWE doctor Chris Annan tells Danielson that they are unsure about the success of the surgery. He still hasn't returned to action and it is unknown when he will return. And what about the argument? The argument is meaningless compared to Danielson's health. Next week, Summer Rae returns to WWE Total Divas and causes mayhem. Enjoy the video!
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