Friday, September 12, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Tracy Byrd

Artist:Tracy Byrd
Song:(Don't Take Her) She's All I Got
Album:The Definitive Collection

Though he wasn't as successful as other neo traditional country acts like Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and his buddy Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Byrd had a good run in the mid 90s with hits like (Don't Take Her) She's All I Got. He faded in the late 90s when he switched record companies. He was born Dec. 17, 1966 in Vidor, TX. He was studying business at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX and singing on the side. After a performance at a mall recording studio, he won a local talent contest. He dropped out of college and joined Mark Chesnutt's band. When Chesnutt moved to Nashville, Byrd took over the band. Byrd signed with MCA Records in 1992. He struck gold with his 1993 debut CD Tracy Byrd when Holdin' Heaven topped the Country Singles chart. Though Byrd wouldn't have another number one hit on MCA, he had a string of top five hits like Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous, Watermelon Crawl and Keeper of the Stars. His 1994 album No Ordinary Man was his biggest seller as it was certified 2XPlatinum. (Don't Take Her) She's All I Got is from Byrd's 1996 album Big Love. The song reached #4 on the Country Singles chart. The song was written by Gary U.S. Bonds and Jerry Williams Jr. AKA Swamp Dogg. Johnny Paycheck scored a top five country hit with it in 1971. Byrd recorded one more album for MCA and then moved to RCA for the 1999 album It's About Time. He wasn't as successful at RCA but he did score his second number one country hit with Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo in 2002. This budget comp has hits from MCA and RCA. Byrd left RCA in 2005 and recorded an album on his own label. In 2009, he moved back to Beaumont, TX with his family and said he doesn't plan to return to music until his kids are grown. Byrd and his wife own the store Kitchen Koncepts in Beaumont. Here's the video for (Don't Take Her) She's All I Got by Tracy Byrd. This video is not on Youtube.

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